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Are you interested of manufacturing, marketing and selling absolute toxic-free chemical products, both stand-alone and additives, on the global business market ?

Biomimetic Technology Ltd (the UK R&D chemical laboratory company) - a company focused on developing cost-effective, in nature biodegradable chemical additives, respectively stand-alone products, without any classified hazardous chemicals according to ECHA/REACH pesticide register - is now for sale.

The Biomimetic Technology Ltd company is the hub of Bio-Eco® & MHE® product developments.

It contains a number of chemical product developments (IP), ready for a global market establishment.


Bio-Eco® products, based on modified cellulose (carboxy-cellulose), represent a broad spectrum of stand-alone products.


(1)  The stand-alone products are aimed for cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces, both for households, as well as for industrial applications.

But also, products for machine wash (white or color laundry), hand wash, schampoo, washer fluid etc., are other examples of developed products aimed for the consumer market.


(2)  Other products concern impregnation of natural fiber materials, to withstand ignition in contact with open flames, respectively to withstand black mould, algae, fungus, rot attacks etc.


(3)  Another product concern disinfection liquid to get rid of multi-resistent staphylococcus bacteria (MRSA) and E-coli bacteria.



Biomimetic Technology Ltd:s period of chemical product developments has come to an end.

It's time for a generational change to take place, getting a new company leadership - focusing on manufacturing, marketing and selling chemical products, based on the chemical product developments IP technology done, targeting the global business market. 


There are more than 20 different chemical product compositions developed, ready for manufacturing, marketing & selling activities on the global consumer business market.


Bio-Eco® chemical products represent a broad spectrum of stand-alone products,

aimed for cleaning, impregnation and disinfection - to get rid of multi-resistent staphylococcus bacteria and E-coli bacteria.



All products are free from any classified hazardous chemicals according to ECHA/REACH pesticide register.


Bio-Eco® chemical cleaning liquid products are:

  • TT-10 (washing-up liquid)

  • TT-11 (windows washing)

  • TT-12 (washer fluid)

  • TT-13 (schampoo)

  • TT-14 (machine wash / white laundry)

  • TT-15 (machine wash / color laundry)

  • TT-17 (houshold cleaning products)

  • TT-18 (cleaning products aimed for household/industry);

  • TT-19 (cleaning products aimed for heavy industrial use)(especially for cleaning graphite greasees, other greases, rubber residues, asphalt stains);


Bio-Eco® chemical surface protection liquids are:

  • TT-20 (cellulose surface top coating layer for indoor protection)

  • TT-21 (cellulose surface top coating layer for outdoor protection)


Bio-Eco® chemical impregnation liquid products are:

  • TT-30 is developed to impregnate textiles like cotton, jute, hemp etc. to withstand ignition in contact with open flames.

  • TT-31 is developed to impregnate veneers to withstand ignition in contact with open flames.

  • TT-32 is developed to impregnate thin paper sheet to withstand ignition in contact with open flames.

  • TT-33 is developed to impregnate construction wood (timber/logs etc) to withstand ignition in contact with open flames.

  • TT-41 has been successfully tested, by the Swedish accredited test institute RISE (, to meet required functionality to withstand black mould etc. on wooden panels.


Bio-Eco® chemical disinfection liquid is:


  • TT-51 developed to be applied as a disinfection liquid to get rid of

    • Multiresistent bacterias

    • MRSA (Methicillin-resistant S.aureus (resistance against penicillins)  

    • E.coli: Escherichia coli (gram negative bacterium) 


Under the Cooperation Agreement 2020-10-01, Biomimetic Technology Ltd and Trulstech Group International Business Network operates together.

Trulstech Group International Business Network, with its specific knowledge experience, assisting Biomimetic  Technology Ltd to set-up national located independent production facilities, close to national consumer markets.

It will reduce transport costs, making a less polluted environment, increasing number of jobs locally, world-wide.


OFFER - FOR SALE - Q3/2023

Except of the broad range of Bio-Eco® chemical IP product developments,

even MHE® chemical IP product developments are included in the sales offer.


MHE® IP contains both liquids (stand-alone products) aimed for fire fighting, both for active as well as preventive ditto, and powder product developments (additives), aimed for impregnation of synthetic materials - polymer, plastic and fibres.

All MHE® chemical products are without any classified hazardous chemicals, in accordance with ECHA/REACH pesticide register, including the Swedish Chemicals Agency pesticide register.

Except of the Bio-Eco® chemical product developments IP technology, the following MHE® chemical product developments IP technology are included in the sales of the British public holding company - Biomimetic Technology Ltd - registered with the British Companies House in London,

  • MHE®FF respectively MHE®PFF liquids, aimed for wild forest fire fighting, without polluting ground water and agriculture soil, saving lives and properties.                                                       


  • MHE® chemical powder product compositions regarding impregnation of synthetic materials to withstand ignition in contact with open flames. The synthetic materials concern PU-foam (MDI/TDI), PU-resin, PVC-film, soft PVC, PVC-resin, Polyester, Polyamide, EPDM-rubber                                     


  • PU-foam respectively PVC-film impregnated with MHE® powder products have been tested and certified by the Swedish accredited fire safety test institute RISE ( in accordance with the European fire safety standard regarding construction materials.




Bio-Eco® Products

Biomimetic Technology Ltd together with Trulstech Group and JL Kemi AB have signed a mutual Cooperation Agreement 2020-10-01 to produce Bio-Eco® stand-alone products  based on Biomimetic Technology Ltd:s IP, Trulstech Group:s advanced chemical "know-how" regarding toxic-free chemical compositions, and JL Kemi AB:s manufacturing capability to produce the developed chemical product compositions under the Cooperation Agreement 2020-10-01.

The special modified cellulose encapsulation product technology development is based on recycling of forest waste materials. Instead of burning forest waste materials, adding CO2 emission to the environment, cellulose is refined, brought and modified meeting different product application requirements, both as chemical additives for impregnation to withstand ignition in contact with open flames, respectively to withstand black-mould, algae, fungus and rot attacks. But also, developed standalone cleaning products.


Excellent results have been achieved.


For example, products developed for

  • cleaning of heavily soiled industrial floors (motor oil; lubricant, grease) and painted surfaces - walls and ceilings.

  • cleaning to get rid of MRSA & E-coli bacteria

  • detergents for cleaning and impregnation of textiles and fabrics of natural fibre materials.

  • car wash and surface protection top coating layer.

  • impregnation of natural fibre materials - paper, wood, jute, hemp, cotton - to withstand fire attacks.

  • impregnation of natural fibre materials to withstand black mould, algae, fungus and rot attacks.

  • impregnation of food packages made of natural fibre materials to withstand thermal heat energy from microwave oven (900W/2 min), or convection oven (+200'C/20 min), including capability being stored in freezer or refrigerator, are another successful product application of the special modified cellulose developed.

Bio-Eco® Production


National limited chemical processing plants, close to the region market in target for Bio-Eco® Products, meet UNEP (United Nation Environmental Program) prioritization of locally produced products,

  • in mission to reduce the need for fossil fuels

  • reduced CO2 emission

  • better environmental condition

  • work for the local population

  • tax incomes for the local community

Biomimetic Technology Ltd like to inform that the investment cost to set-up a chemical processing plant to manufacture Bio-Eco® liquid products with capacity to produce about

3,000 metric tonnes (MT) per annum, giving jobs for 5-10 employees, put charge on a financial investment of € 1,5 - 2 million Euro, estimated to bring a turnover of about € 10 million Euro per annum. It ought to be very profitable with good margins to all parties involved in the business.


Product Investment
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