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Trulstech Group - Cooperation Team

  • Trulstech Group Pty Ltd - head of network business

  • Trulstech Innovation KB - R&D center

  • Trulstech Group AB - head of the European business

  • Trulstech Group Corp. Inc. - the legal business center

  • Biomimetic Technology Ltd - the hub of MHE® & Bio-Eco® IP products

Network Strategy

  • Due to required generational change, the Board of Directors of the British holding company - Biomimetic Technology Ltd - have decided to open-up for a new generation to take over the leadership of Biomimetic Technology Ltd - the hub of MHE® & Bio-Eco® IP developments - a well established company with international market share potential.  

  • An IP technology covering all product developments done within Biomimetic Technology Ltd, during more than 20 years, concerning manufacturing, marketing and selling MHE® & Bio-Eco® products globally, under own brand names.

  • National manufacturing plants, financed by national governments, VC-funds and private capital investment.


  • National manufacturing plants generate local jobs, that generate tax incomes in return to the governments.


  • The new generation leadership taking over Biomimetic Technology Ltd - to a most limited capital investment cost - connected to an IP technology of more than 20 unique and absolute toxic-free chemical product developments done regarding chemical additives and stand-alone products, meeting market requirements and requests, that open-up for a most generous margin and profit on produced products for all in the market chain. 

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