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Trulstech Group

  • Trulstech Innovation KB in Sweden - an R&D chemical laboratory company - responsibel for the product development of Bio-Eco® TT-products chemical composition.


  • JL Kemi AB in Sweden - an R&D chemical testing laboratory company with limited (3 MT/shift) manufacturing capability of Bio-Eco® TT liquid products.


  • Biomimetic Technology Ltd in UK - an IP Holding company - the HUB of MHE® & Bio-Eco® TT-products.


Please, kindly visit.... get more specific info about Bio-Eco® TT liquid products respectively Bio-Eco® TT powder products.

Network Strategy

  • Marketing & Selling Bio-Eco® TT-products - via wholesalers' business network in Europe under their own brand names.



  • Establishing independent Bio-Eco® TT national product manufacturing plants in Europe respectively in North America, for marketing and selling under own brand names .



  • Independent production plants, financed by national governments, VC-funds and private capital investment.



  • Generate local jobs, generate tax incomes in return to the governments.


  • In compensation for an extremely modest compensation for the technical product development offered, in mission to establish independent production plants in Europe, respectively in North America, it might open up for a most generous margin and profit on produced products for wholesalers and retailers etc. 

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