• Mats Nilsson

Bio-Eco® 41200 flame retardant for Cellulose Wool

The Bio-Eco® chemical composition - Bio-Eco® 41200 - has been developed specially aimed for Cellulose Wool.

Bio-Eco® 41200 meets the fire safety demands regarding flame retardant functionality with focus on the most difficult challenge to stop glowfire to occur in cellulose wool at decomposition due to fire.

The target has been to develop a cost-effective, without any classified hazardous chemicals, in nature biodegradable chemical products to become a good alternative to replace the cheap, but most harmful and frequently used Borax flame retardant applied on cellulose wool. The bulk price in combination with the all over production cost doesn't differ too much between Bio-Eco® and Borax.

But still, it is up to the flame retardant business market to tell if Bio-Eco® 41200 might be what they are looking for to get a natural non-toxic and eco-friendly alternative to existing harmful and frequently applied Borax on cellulose wool.