• Mats Nilsson

Bio-Eco® TT products - a broad range of product applications

Updated: May 14

Bio-Eco® TT-products concern a broader range of product applications, both powder (for impregnation of synthetic materials) respectively liquid products - for cleaning, machine wash, schampoo etc. respectively impregnation to withstand ignition in contact with open flames. But also to withstand black mould, algae, fungus and rot attacks on wooden materials.

Hereby Biomimetic is able to offer toxic-free and eco-friendly products for treatment of both synthetic and natural fibre materials. Europe seems to be the only territory where toxic-free and eco-friendly in nature biodegradable chemical products are on the agenda.

Furthermore, the fact that Bio-Eco® products are recycled of waste materials from the plant kingdom reducing the CO2 impact in the environment, is really up-to-date in Europe.

Please, act directly to replace frequently used harmful chemical additives, with Bio-Eco® - the good alternative without any classified hazardous chemicals, in nature biodegradable chemical additives, being most cost-efficient. All in mission to save lives, ground water and agriculture lands on the Earth Planet.