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  • Mats Nilsson

Bulletin January 2023 - for sale

Biomimetic Technology Ltd - the UK holding company - the hub of MHE® respectively Bio-Eco® product developments - is looking for a new ownership to produce, market and sell developed products.

In an effort to make a more environmental friendly living without pollution, Biomimetic Technology Ltd unique products - are absolute free from any classified hazardous chemicals, according to ECHA/REACH pesticide register & the Swedish Chemicals Agency - offer an ability to establish national industrial production plants globally.

Unique - because the product technology development is based on modified cellulose encapsulating weak organic salts, in approved quantities and concentrations, that you find in berries, grapes, fruits and bread, and that people have consumed for more than thousand of years without any known genetic impact.

It offers a great business opportunity that ought to appeal to potential stakeholders of MHE® & Bio-Eco® product developments (IP) technology, interested of manufacturing, marketing and selling the products under own brand names, in compensation for a most limited economical investment.


Bio-Eco® TT products are developed for a number of different applications aimed for

(a) cleaning, machine wash, schampoo etc.

(b) impregnation of natural fibre materials to withstand

  • ignition in contact with open flames

  • black mould, algae, fungus and rot attacks which you find more about on the websites.


1.) MHE® FF respectively MHE® PFF, are developed for wild forest fire fighting, without polluting ground water respectively agriculture soil, saving lives and properties.

2.) MHE® 101 aimed for impregnation of cigarette paper (outer wrapper), respectively tobacco plug wrapper, or any other very thin paper, to withstand ignition in contact with open flames.

3.) MHE® 11211 aimed for product integration into PU-resins, respectively PU-foam (MDI/TDI) to withstand ignition in contact with open flames.

4.) MHE® 41444 aimed for product integration into PVC-resins, soft PVC, respectively PVC-film to withstand ignition in contact with open flames.

5.) Other MHE® chemical composition products are developed aimed for integration into Polyester, Polyamide, EPDM rubber etc. to withstand ignition in contact with open flames.


All MHE® & Bio-Eco® product applications are without any classified hazardous chemicals, in accordance with ECHA/REACH pesticide register.

In other words, it's an extra ordinary business opportunity to establish a national industrial production plant to produce, market and sell MHE® & Bio-Eco® products under your own brand name.

An industrial production plant to manufacture Bio-Eco® products doesn't need to cost a fortune to set-up getting a most cost-efficient production, offering good profit and margins to all parties involved in the business chain.

Completely achieved for a minimum of cost investment.

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