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Bio-Eco® Surface Protection

For surface protection and top coating layer.


After using Bio-Eco® detergent, a thin cellulose film remains, which provides continued surface protection and gives a fine luster. The surface treated with Bio-Eco® will be much easier to keep clean. In addition, the remaining very thin film of cellulose provides a non-slip protection on the floor.


A modified cellulose product, developed to increase the friction, creating a top surface coating layer, aimed to be applied on slippery ice, i.e.

The combination of cellulose (polysaccharide) and carboxylates (organic salts) are an excellent chemical combination, to apply as a top surface coating layer on ice, to increase the friction. Due to that, it reduces the risk to slip on ice breaking bones etc. Slippery accidents cost the society lots of money every year, during the snowy winter periods on the Northern Hemisphere. As cellulose is not soluble in water, it makes Bio-Eco® TT-21 modified cellulose excellent to apply on pavements and outdoors stairs, in mission to reduce accidents due to slippery environment.

Bio-Eco® TT-21 modified cellulose (polysaccharide) is developed from recycled forest waste. It is modified by adding food grade chemicals, in chemical reaction with the cellulose, to bind organic salts (carboxylates) to the cellulose. It makes the top surface coating layer applied on ice, snow etc. quite sustainable against water, even when snow or hail melts.


Cleaning Products Overview

TT-20 concentrate for surface protection and top coating layer.

TT-21 to increase friction on slippery ice.



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