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Where engineering gets down to business.

Inventions become Innovations

Trulstech Group International Business Network vision is not merely to invent, our vision is to innovate and to bring technology to market in the form of products

At Trulstech Group International Business Network - Engineering gets down to business.

Trulstech Group International Business Network works across a range of businesses, making inventions to become innovations.


The innovation portfolio of Trulstech Group International Business Network includes a broad spectrum of know-how in advanced technics.


Licenses available - June 2024  


Licenses  of  the absolute toxic-free IP technology product developments regarding cleaning, impregnation respectively disinfection products are available regarding North America,

Asia, Central & South Europe.


We hope you will enjoy visiting the website to know more about Trulstech Group International Business Network,

the on-going projects and global network of companies engaged.

Yours Sincerely,

Mats Nilsson


Biomimetic Technology Ltd is an independent UK company

that belongs to Trulstech Group International Business Network

Bio-Eco® & MHE® products in -


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Biomimetic Technology Ltd - the British public holding company - the hub of Bio-Eco® & MHE® technology IP offer a wide variety of products for different applications.

 All products are free from classified hazardous chemicals, according to ECHA/REACH pesticide register.

Bio-Eco® & MHE® product range, features products for different cleaning applications, machine washing, surface protection, fire resistance/ retardants/ /suppressants/ for natural  fibre respectively synthetic materials, as well as products for wild forest fire fighting, both active as wells as preventive.

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Contact us

To get more information about

the unique and game changing State-of-the Art -

the absolute toxic-free additives & Standalone products,

and eventual License Agreements available.  

please, kindly send an E-Mail to us:

Biomimetic Technology Ltd

Salatin House, 19 Ceder Road,
Sutton, SM2 5DA
United Kingdom

Please kindly visit also the following website addresses depending required language and perhaps to know more about our products: (English (German) (English)


Thank you!

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