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In nature biodegradable fire retardants, for wild forest fire fighting.

MHE® is a gamechanger representing a technical shift in the global fire retardant market place.
It is a patented range of no classified hazardous chemical fire retardants and processes, which utilise human chemistry compatible food grade components to provide a high performance, cost effective alternative to current potentially harmful, environmentally costly fire retardant products, many of which are being phased out due to environmental concerns and as a result of new legislation.

MHE® is considered to be a market changing technology capable of replacing many currently utilised fire retardants as a cost effective high functioning family of fire retardants in a wide range of material applications. The global fire retardant industry is worth $6-7 billion USD per annum (2020) with a market growth of 6.9% annually.

MHE® powder products are developed for impregnation of synthetic host materials, like polymer, plastic and fibre materials.

MHE® products are a family of low carbon, non-toxic, eco-friendly, sustainable flame retardant products. MHE® powder products only consist of food grade chemicals in respect of approved quantities and concentrations, similar to what you find in daily foodstuff, e.g. in grapes, berries, fruits and bread.
It ought to reduce the risk of any future genetic impact on humans and other living organisms in nature.

MHE® products are based on a sustainable innovation product technology. A bio-mimicry flame retardant [FR] product technology built upon naturally occurring properties of naturally occurring chemicals. The majority of its constituent products can be sourced easily and locally, almost anywhere in the world.


Cleaning Products Overview

For wild forest fire fighting.
protect your house & properties without polluting ground water and soil.

MHE® FF (active)
MHE® PFF (preventive)



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